Sunday, 13 October 2013


Teddy Roosevelt was shot prior to giving a speech. Noticing it missed his lung since he wasn't coughing up blood, he proceeded to give a ninety minute speech.
There are 36 companies that spend over $1 Billion on advertising each year.
Steve Jobs' had a habit of soaking his feet in the toilet and his hygiene was so bad that he was put on the night shift at Atari so he wouldn't have to interact with people.
On 5th April 2010 there were four women in space at the same time, the largest female gathering off planet to that point.
A man born premature with cerebral palsy, was unable to swallow on his own until the age of 1, is blind, was unable to speak or walk until the age of 16, began playing Tchaikovsky's Concerto No.1 on piano in the middle of the night at age 16. He now can play any song after hearing it only once.
In 1885 a woman fell 240ft from the Clifton Suspension bridge and survived after her billowing skirt acted as a parachute.